How to Find a Massage Therapist Who Accepts Insurance

massage therapist who accepts insurance

If you are in need of a massage therapist, the best way to find one is to see if your plan covers the service. The insurance coverage can make the massage more affordable. Massage therapists are often in-network in health insurance plans, and you can find one near you with just a few clicks of the mouse. Typically, an insurance-covered massage session lasts an hour. During the session, your massage therapist will assess your condition, talk to you about your insurance plan, and discuss how to care for your body. read more

Prenatal Yoga For Moms-To-Be

prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to keep your body in shape while pregnant. It can help you feel more aware of your movements, and can help you strengthen your back and spine, which are important for promoting good posture. It can also help you develop your balance and stability. Prenatal yoga is gentle, so be sure to listen to your body’s signs. You may also want to start with restorative yoga during your first trimester before advancing to more strenuous poses.

Prenatal yoga is great for moms-to-be who want to stay in shape and calm during their pregnancy. The poses are easy to perform anywhere, and the benefits will continue to increase exponentially as your pregnancy goes on. Here are some poses to try to make your prenatal yoga practice as comfortable as possible. Try tailor’s pose, which helps open your pelvis and reduce the risk of hyperextending your hips. You can use pillows to support yourself and avoid hyperextending your hips. read more

Health Therapy Massage Techniques

A recent study found that women who received a health therapy massage had significant reductions in anxiety, stress, and depression. They also reported significantly lower blood pressure, oxygen consumption, and salivary cortisol levels after a ten to fifteen-minute massage. While the first step to treating depression is psychotherapy, which involves talking to a mental health professional, massage therapy has shown great promise in alleviating symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as well as generalized anxiety disorder. read more

Therapeutic Massage

If you have been injured and want to get a therapeutic massage, you need to find a massage therapist that works well with your specific needs. Massage therapists will vary widely in their level of experience, so you need to find someone that has the right combination of training and flexibility. The main objective of massage is relaxation, so you should pick a therapist that understands your condition and can adapt their technique to accommodate your needs. If you are unsure of what type of massage you want, you can ask a friend or doctor to recommend a therapist for you. read more

Bone Adjustment Chiropractic

bone adjustment chiropractic

If you’re wondering how bone adjustment chiropractic works, read this article. Chiropractors use spring-loaded devices to send a gentle impulse to vertebral segments in the spine and extremities. These adjustments help the nervous system adjust its tone, making it ideal for treating a variety of conditions. In addition to helping patients with lower back pain, this technique helps prevent and treat headaches. It’s also useful in treating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and gout. read more

Five Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is Beneficial


The benefits of massage are not just mythical. In fact, a high-quality massage can leave a person feeling deeply relaxed, powerful, and peaceful. Massage therapy is backed by decades of scientific research, and some of the most groundbreaking studies were conducted just a few years ago. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of massage therapy. Here are the five reasons why massage therapy is so beneficial. And, of course, there are many other benefits of massage!

Before booking a massage, ensure that the therapist is qualified and reputable. Check out the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork or the American Massage Therapy Association for therapists in your area. Make sure to discuss your desired goals with your therapist, and discuss your expectations ahead of time. Once you’ve found a qualified massage therapist, schedule an appointment and begin your massage therapy! Here are some tips: read more

Spinal Decompression – Advantages and Disadvantages

If you suffer from back pain, you’ve probably been wondering if spinal decompression is right for you. This procedure is safe for most patients, though the first few days after the procedure can be painful. The process involves stretching muscles in a lengthening direction. A doctor can then recommend a treatment protocol that best addresses your individual needs. This article will explore what you can expect from the procedure. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of spinal decompression. read more

How to Energize While Pregnant

energize while pregnant

If you are looking for a healthy way to energize while pregnant, you can make your own energy drinks at home. Homemade energy drinks are not only healthy but also affordable and contain no chemicals or preservatives. They provide a natural source of energy and are very easy to make. Here are some tips for making energy drinks during pregnancy. Use your imagination and try out different recipes to find the best one. This way, you can enjoy your favorite drink throughout your pregnancy without worrying about the ingredients. read more

What Does Clear Chiropractic Mean to You?

clear chiropractic

What is CLEAR chiropractic? CLEAR Certified Doctors of Chiropractic use advanced techniques in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. These doctors have passed a rigorous certification process that consists of hundreds of hours of advanced training, peer-reviewed case studies, and continued education. Becoming a scoliosis chiropractor is not an overnight success. It takes years of dedication and hard work, but the benefits of chiropractic care for scoliosis patients are well worth the time and effort. read more

Internships in Sports Chiropractic

sports chiropractic

Athletes are prone to injury and pain, and chiropractic care can help them avoid serious problems. Chiropractic adjustments help correct misalignments in the spine, and increased blood circulation helps loosen tight muscles and promotes flexibility. A stronger spine also helps athletes perform physical activities with greater safety and efficiency. Chiropractors can also help athletes identify muscle imbalances that can contribute to chronic pain. Some chiropractors use massage therapy to reduce muscle tension and inflammation. Some massages can even lower cortisol levels in the body. read more