What Does Clear Chiropractic Mean to You?

clear chiropractic

What is CLEAR chiropractic? CLEAR Certified Doctors of Chiropractic use advanced techniques in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. These doctors have passed a rigorous certification process that consists of hundreds of hours of advanced training, peer-reviewed case studies, and continued education. Becoming a scoliosis chiropractor is not an overnight success. It takes years of dedication and hard work, but the benefits of chiropractic care for scoliosis patients are well worth the time and effort.

Dr. Ben Zepeda is a chiropractor in Redmond, Washington. He helps his clients get rid of nagging pain through a careful evaluation of their injuries and conditions. Clients can expect massage sessions as well. A massage session at Clear Chiropractic Redmond is a nice complement to the chiropractic treatment. And Dr. Zepeda is compassionate and kind, so you’re sure to enjoy your time with her. And, as a bonus, she offers a complimentary massage.

A chiropractor works with your nervous system to improve your health and balance your life. Your nervous system controls every function and movement in your body. When this system is interfered with, you’re less likely to have a healthy life. Chiropractic care focuses on improving the functioning of your nervous system, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get back in shape without pain. Your body will thank you for it for years to come. Just remember that chiropractic isn’t a quick fix for pain and that it’s not limited to the back.

Jennifer Ross graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008, but moved to Seattle when she was 15 years old. She was interested in natural medicine from an early age and has been with Clear Chiropractic since. While she doesn’t practice chiropractic herself, she enjoys working with the entire team and seeing the results of their treatments. The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous. Just ask any patient: “What does Clear Chiropractic mean to you?”

In addition to scoliosis treatment, CLEAR chiropractors use a series of post-treatment x-rays to validate the results. The doctor will also perform a thorough evaluation, which may include 77 different objective radiographic measurements and a detailed physical examination of the scoliotic spine. Unlike traditional treatments for scoliosis, a CLEAR chiropractic visit will take approximately two hours. Patients are re-examined every six months or 12 visits, after which regular x-rays will be conducted to monitor their progress.

Dr. Tina Gibson became the clinic director of Celebration Family Chiropractic in 2014. She continues to empower her patients to achieve life-changing results with chiropractic. Together with Dr. Nalda, Celebration Family Chiropractic has become the only clinic in the area to offer CLEAR Scoliosis intensive treatment. You can find out more about the benefits of CLEAR Scoliosis treatment by visiting their website. It’s easy to see how it can change your life and health.

One of CLEAR’s chiropractic seminars, the Advanced Scoliosis Course, provides 27.5 hours of advanced training in scoliosis. For those interested in earning continuing education credits, up to 17.5 hours of training may qualify for CE credits from the Parker University College of Chiropractic. If you are a chiropractor in a state that accepts CE credits, you can apply for CE credits for the online course. The online course is also self-paced and convenient.

While chiropractic has had limited success in treating scoliosis, CLEAR has created a protocol that chiropractors can follow to treat scoliosis. Through its Certification Process, chiropractors who are a member of CLEAR can be confident that their patients receive the highest quality care. This certification process also ensures that all patients receive standardized care. The benefits of CLEAR Scoliosis care are many. There are numerous advantages to chiropractic care.

The CLEAR Institute does not formally endorse the use of braces for postural rehabilitation. This is because cumulative clinical experience of CLEAR doctors suggests that braces may have adverse effects. However, CLEAR has not condemned braces, and doctors in the CLEAR Scoliosis Centers still have the same responsibility for the clinical decisions made in these clinics. They are nonprofit organizations that have been credited with some of the best research on postural rehabilitation and spinal biomechanics.